The CHOOSE Command prompts the player to choose between a list of choices, then stores it in a variable to be used later.

Similar commands are TARGET, which is specifically used for targeting card(s), and DECLARE, which is rarer.

Basic FormEdit

CHOOSE Range FROM --choices-- STORE --variable--

Detailed ExplanationEdit

Range is how many of the possible choices the user can choose. Number Variables can also be used.

For choices, there are many options.

  • You can put Literal Words to choose from. Be careful not to accidentally put a variable name instead.
  • You can use the Stat Parameter in order to choose from Types, Attributes, etc.
  • You can use a variable, including variables that hold more than one Word/Card/Number.

STORE stores the choice(s) in a variable.


Vampire Lady (TCG)

Condition Trigger

LOSELP Side:Opponent CAUSE Method:Battle CAUSE Me

CHOOSE Range:1 FROM Monster, Spell, Trap STORE ChosenAttrVar
OP (MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Deck, Attribute:ChosenAttrVar TO Area:Grave)