The INCREASE Command is used to increase a card(s) stats.

Basic FormEdit

INCREASE Range FROM Area, Card Stats, Stat BY --numeric value---

Detailed ExplanationEdit

Range is the card(s) affected.

Area and Card Stats serve to filter the card(s) affected.

Stat is required to determine the stat(s) that will be increased. Only works with numeric stats like Atk or Level.

--numeric value-- is any number or number variable.


Axe of Despair (TCG) (Only the ATK increase portion)

Cost STActivation

TARGET Range:1 FROM Area:Monster, Face:Up STORE EquippedMonsterVar

Action STActivation
EQUIP Me TO EquippedMonsterVar
Action Continuous
INCREASE Me.EquippedTo FROM Stat:Atk BY 1000