The OP() command is a Parenthesized Command that means the opponent does whatever is in the parentheses.

Basic FormEdit

OP ( ---Effects---)

Detailed ExplanationEdit

OP can be used with several commands, but it is not correct in all situations.

If you're considering using OP, ask yourself, "Is this something I want the opponent to choose?"

MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Hand, Side:Opponent TO Area:Grave

^^^ You choose and discard 1 card from your opponent's hand.

OP (MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Hand, Side:Player TO Area:Grave)

^^^ Your opponent chooses and discards 1 card from their hand. Notice Side has changed, because the effect is now from the opponent's perspective.


Dark World Dealings (TCG)

Action STActivation

MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Deck, AreaMod:Top TO Area:Hand CAUSE Method:Draw

*MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Deck, AreaMod:Top, Side:Opponent TO Area:Hand CAUSE Method:Draw

MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Hand TO Area:Grave CAUSE Method:Discard

OP (MOVE Range:1 FROM Area:Hand TO Area:Grave CAUSE Method:Discard)

*note: in this line, it is also acceptable to use OP instead of Side:Opponent. Either is fine.